Aware Board Company

There is only one way to say it!


Become Aware!

Sturdy skate decks and complete longboards designed for long hours of skateboarding fun.

Aware Board Company searched far and wide to find a better board that last longer and has more pop.

We discovered by adding two plys of bamboo with Canadian Maple we would not only be helping the enviorment, by cutting down less Maple trees, but it makes the deck stronger. There is no skimping on these decks. So whether you’re a pro or just getting started, this deck is for you.

These decks are for everyone!

Become Aware of…

  • Enviormentally friendly boards
  • Building a stonger deck for more play time
  • A better board at a better price
  • Boards and decks inspired by real skaters!

A Complete Longboard..

  • Kick Tail! We’ve found that having a 6 inch tail gives you more freedom to ride and turn how you want without compromising the carve-ability.
  • With a shape that grabs your feet and premium grip, this board goes where you want to go.
  • Dropping down curbs is a breeze. Let no obsticle ruin your flow!

Aware Decks vs. All the Rest

Here’s what you get when you become Aware!

  • 7 ply deck with 5 layers Canadian Maple and 2 layers bamboo for the strongest deck on the market
  • The two plys of bamboo are the top and third layer. Designed for longer lasting decks with more pop.
  • A perfect medium concave that feels like you and the board are one.
  • A clear varnish finish brings out the natural grain of the maple on the bottom and the bamboo on top.
  • AWARE logo on the bottom and Aware laser graphic on top. A truly unique design!

This is not a cheap knock off blank deck, although the affordability might fool you.

Aware decks are custom made for us and are as good, if not better, than any pop deck on the market.

Aware Complete Longboards

We did not skimp or take the cheap way out. Aware Longboards are built to last with great attention to details such as the following:

  • Complete 7-ply natural color Canadian maple longboard 38″ x 8.5″
  • Clear blue wheels; 65x47mm 78A:Larger softer wheels for greater control.
  • 150mm snadblasted finish silver reverse kingpin trucks; for easy carving and pumping.
  • Abec-7 percision bearings and 3mm rubber risers for a smooth ride.
  • Perfect for crusing the Boulevard, Boardwalk or your favorite hill!
  • A 25.5 inch wheelbase for a true long board stance and expierience.

Be Aware of the tail.

We’ve added a 6 inch tail for more options. The board carves with the best of them but the tail gives you the option of kick turning or pulling of a sweet longboard manuel!

Aware truck set up.

Our 150mm reverse kingpin trucks are super sturdy. No plastic trucks here.

Aware clear blue wheels

The striking blue wheels are not just for show.

These 65x47mm 78A wheels will hug the ground and the softness provides a smooth ride everytime.

Don’t forget the Abec 7 bearings which will keep you rolling smooth and fast.

We had some people try them out…

It wasn’t Hard to find skaters to give our decks a try. We are currently located in Pacific Beach San Diego California. In other words there is a skatepark or classic skate spot 10 minutes in every direction!

We started out giving decks to localy sponsered awesome skaters with our boards blanked out so they wouldn’t know what deck they were skating. A blind taste test of sorts. The response was universal…


Are you ready to become Aware?

Choose Your Weapon

Aware Complete 38″ Longboard wt 150mm Silver Reverse Kingpin Trucks, Clear Blue Wheels; 65x47mm 78A, ABEC-7 precision Bearings and 3mm Rubber risers for All Ages…
Don’t take our word for it

Try them out for yourself!